The Perfect Day
Be a guest at your own party!
At The Perfect Day, we love parties - from the frolic of the beach party to the intrigue of the murder mystery to the timeless beauty of the Quinceanera.
Creation and execution of these events is our specialty.
You make a suggestion, or choose something out of our bag of tricks, and all details will be tailored to your exact requirements.
Whether you prefer a costumed ball or a Godfather casino night by the pool – The Perfect Day will deliver!

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Western hoe down. “Howdy, partner!” will be on everyone’s lips. Props, mechanical bull ride, wrangler shootout, western memorabilia, and western attire - everyone has a “whoppin’ good time”.
40’s, 50’s or 60’s theme. Each decade has its unique theme. Costumes, music, food, and activities will create the “time of your life”.
Beach party. Surfboards, seashells, and beach balls set the atmosphere. Surfer music and games ensure everyone has a great time (with no chance of a sunburn).
Circus. The big top is just a wish away. Animals, clowns, stilt walkers, and more.
Murder mystery. Who done it! For corporations, we can include your executives in the game and customize with your products and industry jargon. Create an exciting atmosphere with a detective, murders, suspects, victims, gunshots, (fake) blood, and weapons. A great team builder.
Marti Gras. Create your own mask! Dine on authentic Cajun food.
Hollywood extravaganza. Walk the red carpet under a marquee with flashing lights announcing your company’s name. Costumes, movie star look-alikes, screaming groupies upon arrival, paparazzi, photo opportunity, and talent contest make this an evening to remember!
And there's more... scavenger hunts, wacky Olympics, birthdays, Quinceaneras, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, holiday parties...
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